Knicks vs Pistons: Fans can rejoice for a winning team

Excited, elated, and relieved is how the team should feel after the Knicks vs Pistons matchup. Your New York Knicks are a winning basketball franchise right now. Thanks to a 109-90 win over the Detroit Pistons, the Knicks are 18-17 on the season, which is the first time the team has been over the .500 mark since they finished the 2012-2013 season at 54-28. 

Main Knicks vs Pistons headlines

The biggest storyline of the Knicks vs Pistons game is that the Knicks are a winning team. After nearly eight years of turmoil, disappointment, and heartbreak, it almost feels like New York basketball is back. While this team may not make a deep playoff run anytime soon, Tom Thibodeau has laid the groundwork for something that could be special down the road. 

Overreaction to Knicks vs Pistons

The Knicks were able to give us this overreaction after taking care of the Eastern Conference’s last-place team in the Pistons. The Knicks led by 11 points at halftime and never trailed in the second half. All in all, the Knicks have won seven of their last nine games. When is the last time you have caught yourself thinking that to yourself?

Game leaders

Julius Randle, the team’s lone All-Star, scored 17 of his 25 points in the second half. Derrick Rose scored 14 points against his former team. Less than a month ago, the Knicks traded Dennis Smith Jr. for Rose. RJ Barrett led the Knicks with 21 points, while Alec Burks added 16 points. Jerami Grant led Detroit with 21 points, who are now losers of six of their last seven games. 

Having fun

It feels like the New York area is having fun again. After the Knicks brought themselves to .500 over the weekend, the team’s fan base was celebrating downtown, which caught national attention. It was recently announced that Obi Toppin Jr. will participate in the Slam Dunk Contest on Sunday. It’s been a long time coming but New York basketball is close to being back. 

Knicks vs Pistons game analysis & commentary

Nerlens Noel was a sly MVP of the Knicks vs Pistons game. When Michell Robinson comes back, the Knicks could be a sneaky team in the Eastern Conference. Noel played 40 minutes and gave the team eight points and 11 rebounds. He has been a true center of the defense in Robinson’s absence. When he comes back, both units will have defensive power and that should not be taken lightly. 

Looking ahead

There’s not a whole lot to discuss this one. The Knicks were the dominant team from the start to the finish. Up next is a date with the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday.